July 26, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes!

Wedding planning for the most part has been pretty fun/easy for Fiance and myself.  We both have simple taste, aren't out to impress our friends and family with over the top food (lobsters stuffed with kobe beef stuffed with caviar stuffed with truffles covered in gold!) or pricey decor and entertainment (nix the juggling monkeys and Barbara Streisand and the Cirqe Du Soleil act) or even expensive clothes.  We're making the beer, buying the wine, using Whole Foods as our caterer... you get the idea.  I got my dress (thanks to a tip from my best friend who is getting married just weeks before me) from a great little consignment shop in Ardmore- Sabrina Ann's- totally recommend it.  While they had/I tried on a few dresses in the multiple thousand dollar range, the one I fell in love with and ultimately chose was only $125! Imagine my surprise!  I almost peed my pants out of pure joy.  In my attempt to be just a bit old fashioned, I will not show you a picture here on this blog (in fear that Kim Kardashian will see it and steal my look, obviously) but I can tell you it does NOT look like this:

Or this:

 Or even this:

Well actually, it's more like this last one than the others.  INTRIGUED?!?!?!

And while I've been totally ok about sticking within budget, and not being extravagant... 

...my weakness is SHOES.  I love shoes, I really do.  In fact, I bought these before buying my dress, rationalizing the price by saying "I'll wear them in my wedding!"

Then I got a dress and realized these would look TERRIBLE with it.  And in reality, they wouldn't look good with a wedding dress at all.  But I'm keeping them.

Moving along...

Because my dress is pretty simple, I'm now leaning towards a more classic weddingy shoe.  Here are my latest obsessions.  Some of which would cost MORE than the dress.  Whatever.  I had initially said "no big heels" but I am short! And I can't resist!

Maybe I should buy them all and change shoes every 14.5 minutes? Thoughts?  WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?!

July 21, 2011


Summer cherries force me to practice self control. I could plow through a pound of these in one sitting!  One bowl at a time, Hilary.  

July 5, 2011

Paper cutting crafty time

I was perusing Etsy where I came across some very beautiful and very expensive graphic maps and found myself saying  "I ain't paying nobody for that. I could totally do it MYSELF." It only took me a few months to assemble all of the components, which is pretty pathetic considering all I needed was paper, tape, a Google map and an exacto knife.

I taped down the card stock on a cutting board, then taped the Google map of West Philly on top and went at it with the exacto.  It took a few hours, and it made my hand tired, but ultimately it was not that bad! Threw it in a cheap thrift store frame (I will upgrade eventually) and voila! Personalized graphic art for under 5 bucks!