January 28, 2011

Philly Snow

A few pics from the big snow storm, before it turned gross and brown, and one of my sister's tree house!

Thanks to my friend Julie for the pics

January 27, 2011

I'd rather be in Paris

In case you didn't see the news, or notice 99 percent of Facebook statuses saying things like "Snowmygosh!" or "no school AGAIN!", or if you've just been living in a cave, the Northeast got slammed with another huge snow storm last night.  And, this storm brought about a new experience for me- Thunder Snow!  I didn't even know that was possible, but there it was; lightning, thunder, rain and snow, all intermingling outside my apartment window.   I have to say, it was really quite a beautiful sight at first.  Once the rain stopped, and the heavy snow set in, the city was under a thick blanket of white, everything was quiet, and those who were out walking were taking pictures, throwing snowballs and laughing.  This morning, I helped (watched) my friend dig her car out, and two very sweet young men came armed with shovels and did in 5 minutes what would have taken us ages.  And, they did not solicit payment.  They simply said "pass it on, pass it on".  Oh, the world just felt so full of joy and happiness!  I would have skipped to work if it was not dangerous and I was not wearing my Yaktracks!  

And then an hour later the sun came out, and started melting and ruining everything.  Some estimates said we got 17 inches, which in a city with cobblestone streets and trolley lines spells out MESS. So the streets are now filled with slush, and people are honking and driving too fast, their wheels spinning up huge splashes of dirty brown sludge water on to pedestrians.  At lunch, I stepped in puddles, I slipped on ice, I had a chunk of snow fall on my head off of a dripping rooftop.  It's not pretty anymore and I do not want more snow!  

So, rather than complaining and dreading the walk home, what better way to cheer myself up than to look at some beautiful color theme shots of Paris from Little Brown Pen?

January 17, 2011

Mae is famous!

One of my favorite design sites, desire to inspire, features a "Pets on furniture" segment every Monday and this week, a picture of Mae made the cut!  Want to see it and some other super cute pets? Click here!

January 16, 2011

Ah, fresh paint

Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do?  I found this step stool in the trash and while sometimes trash finds can look shabby chic, this one just looked shabby.  I finally got around to painting it tonight, and now it feels like an appropriate stand for my favorite kitchen appliance.  Because the paint was also free (thank you Glidden!) the entire thing didn't cost me a dime!   

January 11, 2011

Milk tops

Yesterday, I applied for graduation (yay!) and realized I had one week to write my proposal for my thesis (boo).  Tonight, I planned on writing said proposal... but instead, I made these super simple, super cute magnets out of vintage milk tops.  I used cheapo advertising magnets, cut them to size, glued them to the back of the tops and voila! 

I promise to do my work tomorrow...

January 4, 2011

Two very different meals

As promised (you're welcome, all 3 followers of this blog!) I am going to write about Marigold Kitchen! And, in the interest of comparison, I'll tell you about a really fantastic sandwich I had from Tommy DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market.

So, let me set the scene.  Marigold Kitchen is in an old Victorian here in West Philly, and I walk by it like, twice a week and always think "I love that door!" (it's copper) "What a classy looking place!" "I can't wait to go here!" and finally got a chance when Rx was closed for a private dinner party.   We made our way over to Marigold hoping we could get in without a reservation.  And lucky us! We were able to get a table.  Inside is just as warm and attractive as the outside, with an old stove serving as the hostess table, dim lights, and simple table settings.  We were led through the main dining room and upstairs to another room, which if you know these old Philadelphia houses, was a charming space with bay windows and old wood floors.  Somehow, they are able to combine down to earth homey with upscale ritzy.  I am an avid Top Chef watcher (yay Anthony Bourdain judging this season!) and have always wanted to try some of the things the chefs whip up on the show.  Before our meals came, we were given at least 6 amuse-bouches (yup, learned that on T.C.), including parsnip frizzles, sweet corn chowder with thyme bubbles, cheese and cracker (a homemade cracker filled with warm gooey Gruyere), fizzy apple cider with cinnamon foam, plain yogurt with flash frozen carrots... We ordered "How 'bout them apples" for an appetizer (though after all the little bites leading up to it, we probably didn't need it) and it was my first real experience in molecular gastronomy.  It is described as "local apples in various forms and textures" which is a nice way of saying "a plate full of really crazy things".  There was apple mousse, dehydrated apples, rich blue cheese, puffed wild rice, apple gellĂ©e, black olive powder, and foam! 

January 3, 2011

Top 10 frenzy

The New Year is the time when everyone seems to come up with their Top 10 list (or their Top 20 Top 10s) and since I am a fan of lists, because my office is very quiet except for the cat meowing (yes! we now have a cat in my office... story later I suppose) and because I finished all (most) of my work- I figured how about I do a TOP 10 WEIRD THINGS I HAVE HEARD PEOPLE SAY IN MY OFFICE!

I actually have compiled a list of about 50 things I've overheard over the time working here, but I'll limit it to the best 10.  I dare you to try to figure out the contexts of these statements.

1.  You can become really more smart.
2.  Hilary is an older black lady, if you squint.
3.  Sometimes they have the mood.
4.  When you start using meat as a condiment, you know you have a problem.
5.  I know I’m drunk if I can’t do derivatives. One time I did integrals instead of derivatives.
6.  Maybe it was different when you were a kid. I am one year older than you.
7.  I see leprecorns 
8.  Was it a sneeze fart?
9.  I’ve got high heels he could borrow.
10.  Acting like a human is weird.
And one more, just because it is the year 2011...
11. Is that a list for in case you die?