January 3, 2011

Top 10 frenzy

The New Year is the time when everyone seems to come up with their Top 10 list (or their Top 20 Top 10s) and since I am a fan of lists, because my office is very quiet except for the cat meowing (yes! we now have a cat in my office... story later I suppose) and because I finished all (most) of my work- I figured how about I do a TOP 10 WEIRD THINGS I HAVE HEARD PEOPLE SAY IN MY OFFICE!

I actually have compiled a list of about 50 things I've overheard over the time working here, but I'll limit it to the best 10.  I dare you to try to figure out the contexts of these statements.

1.  You can become really more smart.
2.  Hilary is an older black lady, if you squint.
3.  Sometimes they have the mood.
4.  When you start using meat as a condiment, you know you have a problem.
5.  I know I’m drunk if I can’t do derivatives. One time I did integrals instead of derivatives.
6.  Maybe it was different when you were a kid. I am one year older than you.
7.  I see leprecorns 
8.  Was it a sneeze fart?
9.  I’ve got high heels he could borrow.
10.  Acting like a human is weird.
And one more, just because it is the year 2011...
11. Is that a list for in case you die?

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