April 21, 2012

Kitchen Before and After!

Evan and I have slowly but surely been redoing our little kitchen.  When we first bought the house, it was on the top of the list of rooms to fix up, considering how ugly it was! Old brown cabinets with pinkish tiles and light green paint, cheap countertops that didn't actually fit the space and an old beat up sink.  Ugo. Our redo was super cheap, here's the breakdown:

1 gallon of high gloss white paint: $30
Stain blocker: $10
Countertop from Ikea: $100
Sink from Craigslist: $30
Tiles/mastic/grout from Craigslist: $30
Pendant lamp from Craigslist: $10
Tiling tools, paintbrushes etc: $40
New knobs: $10
Curtains made from Anthropologie bed skirt: $10
Total: $270!

There were, of course, a few extra purchases, including a jigsaw which we figured we would need in the long run which I will not include in the total.  There is still more to do (painting mostly, and more tile to remove!) but we're getting there! 

BEFORE, blech

After! Yay!

The cats have found a new place to hang out

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