May 3, 2011

trash ladders

Yesterday during my walk home at lunch, I happened across a trash can full of old painter's ladders! I grabbed one immediately and lugged it home (my short arms make carrying tall items rather difficult) and  then decided to take another when I passed by again at the end of the day.  On one, I slapped on a watered down paint mixture to try and make it look bleached and beachy.  Still working on that, so I will not show you pictures until it looks cool.  But I WILL show you the awesome taller one!  The great thing about being done with my grad work is now I can dilly dally around the house and put pretty things on ladders I find in the trash and then put the pictures online.  Ahhh, how nice. 

the kittens get in to everything

My most recent Nannygoat find!

I am a proper Swedish girl and put dala horses on things

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