August 2, 2011

House work has begun!

Evan and I closed on the house on Thursday! And almost immediately got to work on it!  I didn't have my camera to take before pictures (damn!) but I did take video... which I will someday edit down and make into something fun to watch... but until then I will steal the pictures from the realtor's site and use some we took when first looking at the house to show some before and during picture comparisons! We have been working non stop, and have almost finished painting  the first and second floors! Plus a few other changes which you will see.

Let's begin:

Before, with someone else's furniture

Living room during! With random bits of furniture.  New paint, new light bulbs (they make a huge difference!) and no ugly 1970's porn mirror above the fireplace

Please forgive the awkward blurry picture in the "office".  It was very dark in there like a cave.  Evan called it "old squash soup" color

Office during! New paint, new light fixture, patched walls, no curtains (yet)

Master Bedroom before

Master bedroom during

Dining room to living room before

Living room to dining room during

Painted walls and hallways.  White trim is the next project

Dining room during.  Evan exposed the brick! New light! Yet to be painted

Porch looking in!

We've made a lot of progress already, but there is so much to do!  We're loving it! 


  1. Ohhhhh boy, this place is awesome! I love the paint colors! The french doors! The exposed brick! So cool. I can't wait to see it sometime. And this is Bec, not "Rebecca".

  2. OMG, your place looks amazing! We can't wait to see it!!!!