October 27, 2010

"A tale of two kitties" or "You might think I am a cat lady"

Mae & Bogey
The last few weeks I have felt like a certifiable cat lady because of the sheer time I have devoted to caring for cats (though I have not gone so far as dressing them up, or having professional pictures taken of them). At the end of August, I adopted a 2 month old kitten (whom I named Mae but often call her Maeby in homage to Arrested Development or just simply Maeby Baby) in hopes of being a good companion for my older cat.  Sadly, Lena fell suddenly ill and had to be put down this past month.  Though it was very sad, the bright side is I was able to adopt Mae's twin brother, Bogart (Bogey for short)! Within hours of being reunited, they remembered one another and are now the best of friends and are always running (terrorizing?) around the house. So let it be known that I love these little critters and think they are quite entertaining, so expect a few pictures now and then.  This does not a cat lady make.   

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  1. OH MY WORD, THEY ARE THE CUTEST!!!!!!! I love them:-)