November 15, 2010


One of the things I have learned in my oh-so-many years of life, is that little indulgences are extremely important. And an indulgence I can't seem to live without? Lattes.  I hate to admit it, but I have become quite the coffee snob. I can taste when coffee has been sitting for too long, was made with bad beans or if the grind is off. Drip coffee just doesn't cut it for me anymore (except in emergency situations).  I adore La Colombe (a local coffee roaster and café) and between you and me, chose it to supply the beans for the café I started here at work for purely selfish reasons.  On weekdays, I visit our small café, and always order a double shot of espresso with a splash of milk.  But when Friday comes, it's time for a treat! I walk over to Capogiro (speaking of indulgences...) because dammit, they make a good latte.  An even specialer/more special/specialist treat?  Heading downtown with my two best friends (hey girls!) to the 19th street La Colombe for a latte AND an almond croissant.  Life is good, no?

Ain't it pretty? A picture of a latte at the 19th street La Colombe Café that I did not take.

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