November 24, 2010

my dreams are crazy.

A while back, I decided to keep a dream journal.

I've never been one of those people who remembers their dreams in great detail, in fact I typically forget them the moment I open my eyes.  It sounded fun, and I was told that in committing to the practice of writing down my dreams, I would have bigger! better! more vivid! memorable! dreams.  Awesome!

Little did I know that my brain would take this little experiment to a whole new level.

At first, I would rack my brain as soon as I woke up trying to remember any little detail from my dreams the night before.  Slowly, I was able to wake groggily in the middle of the night to write down the dream I had.  But then.  THEN I started writing IN MY SLEEP.  Which is amazing.  And is way more entertaining!  Now, I often wake up and excitedly open my dream journal to find barely legible descriptions of the most random stuff ever.  My longer entries, which I will probably share with you later, are almost always about food. Sometimes I can barely read what I scratched out on the page.  For example:

"Step by step making an egg sandwich, & a soup."

And I don't remember writing it, let alone having the dream.  

Here are some other gems:

"In a forest jumping to the tops of trees!  Then, in a store picking out neck ties."

"Slow motion bumper cars through a tunnel."

"Sonya Sotamayor!!!!!!"

"Side by side escalators.  I'm on one and there are tropical fish on the other."

"Dead bird in my purse."

"Worms in my sleeves!! Something about fig newtons."

"Ordered a HUGE bowl of guacamole!  Random man sat with us and was eating it all very quickly and making me extremely ANGRY!"


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  1. "dead bird in my purse" almost made me choke on my ice cream from laughing!