February 7, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Well, today is the 199th birthday of Charles Dickens, and probably more relevant to my life, exactly one week since my 26th!  It's been a fun week of celebrating, for both me and Charlie (Evan and I went to a dramatic reading of some of his works yesterday near his statue at Clark Park, complete with a birthday cake and singing.  It was quite the experience).  My birthday festivities were aptly surrounded with food -my friends obviously know me well- and I thought I'd share some pictures!  It started out with a trip to Terrain and lunch at Styers! The food was ah-may-zing and I could have easily spent my year's salary in the shop. 

Short rib sandy with fingerlings

Scallops with raisin sauce and bulger wheat

lamb sliders


The next night, my roommates made me dinner, and this decadent chocolate ganache layered cake.  Which I then ate multiple times a day for the rest of the week.

And to top off the birthday celebrations, I got to cheer on the 76ers with my family.  The computers shut down before the start of the game, and so they actually hand wrote our tickets.  Stay classy, Philly.

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  1. Just seeing a picture of our food from Styer's Terrain and remembering that meal makes me seriously consider changing my life's course to be a traveling food taster...and wine taster.