June 8, 2011

Silky smoooooth summer skin

Want silky smooth skin for the Summer?

You could buy this body polish, at $54 a pop:


You could do what I did, and use BROWN SUGAR straight out of the bag. It costs about 2 bucks. That is much better, fiscally speaking.

Here is what I just said translated into a math equation:

$2* > $54 

*Ok, $2 is a rough estimate.  I'm not sure what sugar is going for these days.

P.S: I would recommend adding a little bit of oil to the sugar as well (luxury, people!).  I suppose you could use olive oil or some other variation that you have sitting around, but that sounds really gross to me.  I also like to add lemon zest just to give it a little ZING.  You could use salt instead of sugar, but I find it dries your skin a bit.  Rub the mixture on your skin, and then rinse off in the shower! 

1 comment:

  1. good advice! will have to try this sometime.

    and were you an education major? that is some goooood mental math!

    (this is bec. all of a sudden google refers to me as "rebecca".)