December 6, 2010


Holy crap, I was born in the 1900's.

A picture of my sister and me in the 1900's
I had this realization last week while sitting in class listening to a presentation.  "Here I have data from the mid 1900's to 2005.  And now, let's look specifically at 1985." Shit. I was born in 1985.  Nineteen hundred and eighty five! My future children will look at me wide eyed when they find out and say "you are OLD. You were born LAST MILLENNIUM!" Has anyone else had this thought? It's like thinking about people born in the 1800's! I'm having a strange sort of existential crisis over this.  Everything about me now feels outdated and old fashioned.  I now picture myself running alongside Dr. Quinn and Sully (yeah, remember them?) which is maybe a stretch since I think they were set in the late 1800's. But whatever, you're missing the point. Back in the 1900's when I was a kid, I thought in the 2000's I would be flying around on a hovercraft or eating all my meals in pill form.  Probably while wearing a white space suit.  And I thought this whole futuristic lifestyle would set in around, oh I don't know, 2001! I don't even have a chip in my head that plays the radio into my brain yet.  So now, not only do I feel like an antique, I feel cheated by the world for not producing the technological advancements that I had expected by the time I turned 25. 

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