December 20, 2010

Philly Brunches

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love food.  And lucky for me, Philadelphia has an endless supply of really great restaurants just waiting for me to discover.  The hardest thing about being a starving broke graduate student is that I can't eat at every restaurant I want, though I suppose in the long run it is a good lesson in self control...

While I love going out for dinner, I have to admit I have a weakness for brunch.  Who came up with this brilliant idea? I have barely scratched the surface of Philadelphia's brunch scene, but I figured I'd share the few I've been to, as well as one I am planning to go to.  Suggestions of where to go? Let me know!

1. Rx- 45th and Spruce
Location, location, location!  Rx is 2 blocks from my apartment, and so, jumps automatically to the top of my list.  They recently changed ownership, which was disappointing, because they removed the antique apothecary cabinets to make space for like, 2 more tables.  Now the walls are kind of BORING, but whatever Rx, I'll work on forgiving you.  They've also taken those awesome metal coffee mugs out of rotation (temporarily, I've been told) which somehow made their coffee just so much better.  Ok, I realize it sounds like I don't like the place, but I really do.  The brioche french toast with berry compote is super yummy, and the huevos rancheros are always a big hit.

2. Fitzwater Cafe- 728 South 7th Street
Some girlfriends and I happened on this cafe accidentally, and I have been back 3 times since.  The menu is simple and the space is small (though they do have parking spots!) but they have banana Nutella french toast.  Common. It's the perfect pre-fabric row shopping cafe.  (Don't know what fabric row is? Ask me. I love it.)  I've had toast and eggs and been extremely pleased, and I've also had french toast with fresh berries, which were wonderful. 

3.  Sabrina's Cafe-  910 Christian Street OR 1802 Callowhill Street
Ok, the wait is horrendous.  BUT OH SO WORTH IT!  Both locations are fantastic. That is all.

4.  Honey's Sit 'N Eat Restaurant- 800 North 4th Street
I've only been to Honey's once, and it was super super good.  However, it is in the Northern Liberties which I typically try to avoid seeing as I am not an extreme hipster and get tired of seeing guys wearing skinny jeans and glasses without lenses.  Quite honestly I lose my appetite when I can count the change in a guy's pocket.  However, if for some reason you find yourself in Hipsterville, the food at Honey's was great, and the portions were huge.  I had the whole wheat pancakes which are made with granola and berries (can you tell I like berries in my bready breakfast foods?) and I loved it.

5. Crêperie Beau Monde- 6th and Bainbridge
I have not been to Beau Monde for brunch, I ADMIT IT, so why is it on my brunch list? Because I bet it would be a great brunch place, ok? I've been here a few times for dinner or dessert and as snotty as this will sound, their crêpes are as good as ones I've had in France.  Don't believe me?  Maybe if I list some of their options you will: Bacon, mushrooms and French blue cheese with poached eggs (in a crêpe), Smoked salmon, artichoke hearts and Bernaise sauce (in a CREPE), Scrambled eggs, blueberries and maple syrup (IN A CREPE?!). So yeah, you get the idea. 

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